Our Original Movies

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404: Fatal Error
Eyeball: Corner Socket
My Worst Nightmare
Old Man Spice
Assorted Stuff

BooYah!  Here are some excellent movies made by me and my friends that you won't see in the theaters.  They were all edited by me, which is why they rock so hard.

For all of you hungry for new movies, I just ordered a new battery for my camcorder online (it should arrive in the next 2 days).  My other one could only hold a 1 hour charge, but the new one will be able to hold more than 3 hours, so I will be able to do some real shooting.  Then I just need an idea, some actors, and maybe someone to help me with audio.  AJ made some movies, but he just used the microphone on his camera, and the sound can get pretty hard to hear, but since I have hook-ups at two TV stations, I should be able to get some wireless mikes or something.  SWEET!