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Let's face it, Transformers are cool.  That's why I am dedicating this part of my website to them.  It will include some funny stuff, plus some cool Transformers I created myself, and the few G1 Transformers I own (NOT FOR SALE).   You won't get any real news on this page, because I don't have real contacts or anything like that, so don't ask me about the new series, because I don't know jack shit about it.

    I actually caught the first episode of the new series, and it looked kind of sucky...I don't know, a lot of new characters, and all the people were all anime-like, not like G1 when they all looked normal.. Plus, they were mixing Autobots (G1 and 2) with Predacons (Beast Wars and Beast Machines), and I really didn't think it worked.  I mean, with Beast Wars/Machines, you had a totally new plotline, and it sort of worked in it's own way, but didn't really intermingle with G1, except for certain parts, like at the end of Beast Wars when they found Optimus wait, that was the beginning of the last season.  Anyway, yeah, that and a few small things like some characters having the same or similar names to G1 counterparts.  But now, seeing Autobots vs. Predacons, it just really doesn't seem like a fair fight.   You can have vehicles vs. vehicles, or animals vs. animals, but mixing and matching them just itsn't a fair fight.  I couldn't really say which group would have the upper hand, but...dah, it's just NOT FAIR!  What am I typing this for?  You ever look back at what you've said and just think "What possessed me to say that?"   Oh jeez, I'm still typing.  Better sto

Yeah, and apparently there is a new Transformers show on Cartoon Network.  I caught part of one episode sucks.