Eyeball: Corner Socket

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A stunning masterpiece about two friends (played by Grant and me) who are playing pool, but cannot find their cue ball.  Eric says he has an idea, but Grant gets worried, and they are both caught in a flashback.  In the flashback, Eric and Grant see Past-Grant and Clifford (played by AJ) walk down to play pool, but also cannot find the cue ball.  AJ then takes out his eye, and he and Past-Grant play pool with it.  Grant wins and returns AJ's eye to him.   Future-Grant then tells me that a few weeks later he died of chalk poisoning.   We flash forward, and I explain to Grant that I just had a different cueball.   Then I drop it on his foot, and [fade to black].

This is visually the best movie, because it was made with AJ's digital video camera, but that means it has the black bars around it.  More than half of the movie, the flashback portion, was done in black and white, and it makes the movie seem thorough.  The editing was done by myself, and the whole movie is around seven and a half minutes.  Grant and I couldn't help ourselves from talking about Friends.