Awesome Bands

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Awesome Bands

Reel Big Fish: This Band is awesome!  I have Turn the Radio Off and Why Do They Rock so Hard.  I also bought Cheer Up, but I gave it to Beth Wilhoite the day we went to the Warped Tour, and I never got it back.  And I never see Beth, but I hope I'll get it back someday.  Turn the Radio Off is far better, but Why Do They Rock So Hard is great too.  I think I have all of their other songs burned onto cds, like Boss DJ, There is Nothing Like A Dame, Hate You, Boys Don't Cry, Kiss Me Deadly, Unity, Uniform of Destruction, Boyfriend, Big Fuckin' Star, Up the Junction, Spin the Globe, You Shook Me and American Pie, Imperial March, Jig, I'm Her Man, Super Hero #5, and Flossing a Dead Horse. (This is Eric writing later [like 3 or 4 years after this was originally written] and I have listened more intensely to Why Do They Rock So Hard?, and I think it is at least as good, if not better than, Turn the Radio Off)

The Temptations: Yes, I don't care who knows, I like the Temptations.  I have the Emporers of Soul collection which includes all of the songs made before 1995.  My favorite songs are Paradise, Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, and Psychadelic Shack.  And Papa Was a Rollin' Stone, which is really sad, is also really soothing, especially the 2:00 opening with the sweet bass, and it makes it really easy to fall asleep.  Check out the miniseries on tape or DVD; it kicks ass!

Adam Sandler: OK, he's not a band, but his CDs kick ass!  I like them all equally; They're All Going to Laugh At You for Lunchlady Land and the Severe Beatings; What the Hell Happened to Me? for the goat and Dip Doodle; What's Your Name? for Moyda, The Goat Song, and Zittly Van Zittles; and Stan and Judy's Kid for the Cool Guy, Whitey, and Uncle Donny.

Randy: This band is not popular, but they damn well should be.  Their cd, You Can't Keep a Good Band Down, is sweet!  Me and The Boys is a song that you will listen to over, and over, and over, and over.  It is awesome.  And this is one of those rare cds where all the songs are good!  Another one of their cds, There's No Way We're Gonna Fit In, which was released before YCKaGBD, is equally as cool, and it has a different sound, because it has another lead singer, with a deep voice, as well as the two other lead singers that were in YCKaGBD.   So buy either, you won't be let down!

Mighty Mighty Bosstones: These guys are so great.   I have Question the Answers, Let's Face It, Live From the Middle East,  Pay Attention, and Jackknife to a Swan, and they all rock!  I like The Impression That I Get, The Rascal King, Numbered Days on Let's Face It and High School Dance, All Things Considered, and The Skeleton Song from Pay Attention.  If you don't have Pay Attention, BUY IT NOW!  Plus, I just downloaded the music videos for "The Impression that I Get," "So Sad to Say" (which I didn't even know existed), and "You Gotta Go!" off their new album.  THEY ROCK!

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: This band rocks!   They do all covers, and they kick butt!  They've got members from NOFX, Lagwagon, and some of other bands (I can't remember who right now, but they were name bands)  I violently recommend Uptown Girl, Only the Good Die Young, Science Fiction Double Feature, and pretty much any other song.  Their newest CD, Blow in the Wind, has some really great songs on it, like Runaway and Blowin' in the Wind.

New Found Glory: I know they're big now, but I thought they were cool for about 4 months before they hit it big.  I liked them when they were "A New Found Glory."  I listened to their self titled CD again, and it actually rocks pretty hard.  I love the covers, especially Glory of Love, Neverending Story, Heaven, and Goonies R' Good Enough.

Dropkick Murphys: I just heard them on Conan O'Brien the other night (I'd heard them before, but never really paid attention) and they performed "The Spicy McHaggis Jig."  They kicked so much butt!  So I got the cd it was on ("Sing it Loud, Sing it Proud") and all the songs were good.  They've got a really cool punk-traditional irish sound, and they...Well, they're really good.

Ghoti Hook: I found these guys on Audiogalaxy, and they're pretty good.  They do a lot of covers, and some of the good ones that I've heard include Earth Angel, On the Road Again, Friends (you know, "Cause friends are friends forever/ La la la la la la la.../And a friend la la la never...." I don't really know the words), and Walking on Sunshine.  Check them out.

Hayseed Dixie: I first heard these guys on the Bob and Tom Show, and they rocked.  They are so hilarious.  They look and sound like run-of-the-mill hillbillies, but they do all AC/DC covers!  Then on the Bob and Tom Show, they did this song called "Keeping Your Poop in a Jar," and...well, let me put it this way, I was with a driving instructor for my 8 hours of in-car driving, and I almost went off the road.  NOW THAT"S FUNNY!

Flogging Molly: I heard them at the Warped Tour, and they were so great.  I have their second album, Drunken Lullabies, and it is very cool.  They are sort of like Dropkick Murphys, but more melodic.  They have a banjo player and a violin player, and an accordion player...good stuff.

Okay, this is new, but I never had a need for it before:


Relient K: Brian Haas raved about this band, and then I heard it when I was riding in his car, and they had a good sound, and I found it cheap online, so I bought it.  It arrived, but when I started listening to it, I realized that EVERY SONG said either "God" or "Jesus Christ."   And one of the best songs, a cover of Charles in Charge, was ruined by a line that said "Let's all hang out, You, me, and Jesus in your mom's pizza parlor."  THE JESUS WAS TOTALLY UNNECESSARY, AND IT TARNISHED THE SONG.  I know some people are okay with all that stuff, but I would prefer to listen to something where people aren't all religious.  They are POTENTIALLY good though, because their sound is awesome, they just need to cut back on the Jesus lyrics, and I think they could be masters in mainstream punk...well, not MAINSTREAM punk, because Blink 182 sucks, but they could be popular underground punk, like NOFX or Less Than Jake, or Dropkick Murphys, stuff like that.