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Hey my name is A.J.  Those of you (probably very few) who have been fortunate enough to find this webpage I welcome you to my hitchiked websiteish place on the net.  I hitchhiked on to Eric's website one day, and plopped these sounds on here for your listening enjoyment.  Please, if you're even thinking about downloading a sound, but you're not sure which, download my song,.AJ.WAV,  Yes, MY SONG, that I MADE, when I was 8 YEARS OLD, in a rap studio in NEW YORK.  It may be a little offensive to the young and the elderly, who may have bounced on to this site in some unknown fashion.  So don't come E-mailing to me or Eric about cuss words in the song, because I warned you!  There, now that I got that out of the way, enjoy this site as much as possible and..........Tell your friends! Or, if you want, you don't have to.  Oh, and did I mention my song really sucks?


(Once again, if you use Opera, you can't see the email link above.  The address is Ajjax44@aol.com)