Soul Legacy

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Well, the first significant new page in a long time.  Mostly because I haven't updated in a long time.

A new serial story starts here: The Soul Legacy.

*First, a definition of a soul.  A soul is not a ghost.  A ghost can only exist after someone has died.  A soul is a sort of mix between a ghost and a cartoon.  Not that there's anything funny about souls.  I'm not going to get religious and crap, but pretty much a soul is a translucent twin that everyone is born with, and the soul is always with the real person, but when the real person dies, the soul takes over and does double duty.  Also, the only souls that remain on Earth are the souls of individuals who were murdered.  Again, don't mistake this for ghosts with "unfinished business," because that's crap.  Now that we're clear:

One day I was walking around the floor of my dorm, when he walked past my neighbor's door, which I noticed had many Sobe caps on it.  I decided that he would probably like to have more caps, so I went down to the food court, drank a Sobe, and put the cap on his door.  This cap, of course, cost me money, so I wrote on the bulletin board on his door "I gave you a Sobe cap.  You owe me two souls."  Pretty typical stuff, right?

Anywho, my neighbor, (think of fake name...ah, screw it) Gabe, wrote a note back to me on his board later, stating "You'll never get the souls, you bastahd!"  I was upset.  But the next time I went and had a Sobe, I put the cap on his door, and wrote on the board "Soul count owed: 4."  I sort of expected he would deny me of what was rightfully mine, but a few days later I walked past the board, and read on it "Check box for transfer of 3 souls," followed by a check box.  I crossed out the "3" and wrote in a "4," then checked the box, and voila, I had my four souls..well, technically I had those four, plus my own, plus Brian's...don't tell Brian, but I'm going to give his back for Christmas...sshhhh.

Anyway, there were three male souls and one female soul.  Here they are:















Name: Clifford Cobra

While Living, He Was: An amateur movie director

How He Was Killed: He was showing a stuntman how to run into some guy's arm and flip over it, and in the process he fractured his neck and died instantly.  See the Movie (It's in .MP4 format, which should be playable through any Quicktime Player.  I don't like Apple Computers, but Quicktime does the best compressing)

What He Brings to the Team: Clifford is a real strategist.  The only problem is, he doesn't go for the most efficient plan, he goes for the most visually pleasing one.  The more blood spurting out and dust flying up from gunshots, the better.

















Name: Paco Chocaespanol (yes, he has a tilda over the "n", but it's too much work to put it in)

While Living, He Was: A thespian....stop giggling.

How He Was Killed: He dug up his old 8-bit Nintendo, and begun playing Yo Noid.  He became increasingly frustrated with the impossibility of beating the first level, and threw the controller at the screen.  There formed a small crack in the screen, and it started leaking a light-greenish fluid.  Three days after the occurrence, a shallow pool of liquid had formed, and a small mouse snuck out of a small hole, and begun lapping at the liquid.  That mouse started going back to its hole, but it got caught in a mouse trap Paco had set.  Paco's maid picked up the trap with the mouse and threw it out.  The garbage was picked up the next day by the garbage man.  It was taken to the city dump, where there was other garbage...oh, how did he die?  Somebody shot him.

What He Brings to the Team: As a former thespian...seriously, stop giggling...Paco is the diplomatic soul, who is able to distract the living while the others take action.  He often is such a convincing actor that he will actually convince who is talking to that he is not only a normal person, but that he is also that person's long lost twin brother.









Name: Siegfreid Harpece

While Living, He Was: A computer programmer...he would've been a hacker, but he would rather spend his time watching movies.

How He Was Killed: Well, he betrayed his best friend.  First, his best friend trying killing him by using a blow dryer, but that had no effect on him.  Then he froze him with OM Hairspray, Extra Strength ("It works for me, and it worked for him"), but Siegfreid quickly broke out of the shell.  So his friend chased him behind a wall and cut him up using scissors.  Then his friend came out and rapped "Siegfreid my friend, you were stealing from me; but because you helped I know can act confidently.  I respected you, although you led a life of crime; so now, my friend, it is my job to say TIME!"  People who were walking by looked at him funny, and for good reason.

What He Brings to the Team: Technical know-how, and a buttload of Mountain Dew.
















Name: Dawn Orpheus

While Living, She Was: Well, Dawn was a much more shady character than the other souls.  She was a...COUGH, prostitute, COUGH...She had many partners, but had a dark an off-putting side to her.  She moved to Finland when she was 12, and was...practicing by the time she was 17.  When she was 18, she...had a session with a Finnish man who just happened to be the leader of the Finnish equivalent of the mafia.

How She Was Killed: Many theories have been formed as to how she was killed, and the most likely involves her being hanged by a rival Finnish group.

What She Brings to the Group: Keep reading, and you'll find out...

So there I was, with 4 extra souls in my possession, and I was as happy as a pig...I mean, as happy as a clam in it's own filth. But a few days after I received the souls, I noticed something different.  The above picture of Dawn Orpheus was taken when she first entered into my care, but just 3 or 4 days after I got her, she had ballooned up, with an extremely enlarged stomach.  Then, just 2 days after that, she had given birth to:












Name: Soul Baby

While Living, She Was: It is unknown if Soul Baby ever existed while alive.  For her to have been alive, it would have meant that her mother, Dawn, was impregnated while alive.  However, there is no way to know if Soul Baby's father was a mortal or a soul, for her mother refuses to tell.  We know for sure that her father is not one of the male souls that I acquired, but other than that, it could be anyone.

How She Was Killed: Again, we don't know if she ever lived or not.  If she was, she would have died when her mother died.

What She Brings to the Group: Keep reading...

I was pleasantly surprised, and gave Gabe an extra Sobe cap.  But it became increasingly apparent that Soul Baby was not like the other souls.  Only 5 days after she was born, she had a full head of hair, and she said her first word, "Cookie."  I told Gabe and his roomate Dave about this, as well as Greg and Jason, who live down the hall in room 425.  They all congratulated me...except Jason.  All Jason could ask was "Well, did you give her a cookie?"  It was around midnight, so of course the food court was closed, and there weren't any grocery stores nearby, so I told him "No, but I'll get her some tomorrow."  And he started calling me a bad caretaker!  How was I supposed to get damn cookies?!  Anyway, the next day I had class, so the souls all went to the grocery store, and yes, they got cookies.  And not crappy ones, they got those frosted animal cookies with the sprinkles...yeah, the pink and white ones...yeah, I told you they were quality cookies.  Anyway, Jason asked me about whether I got her cookies yet, and I told him I had.  Then he called me a LYING BASTARD!  Then he asked if Soul Baby had learned any new words yet, and I said no, and he started calling Soul Baby retarded!  The GALL!!!

I expected to not mention this to Soul Baby, since I knew it would just hurt her feelings, but she unfortunately had walked (yes, she can already walk) over to Jason's door, and had heard the discussion.  I tried explaining to her that Jason was just kidding, but Soul Baby knew that Jason meant everything he said.  She swore then and there that she would have her revenge on Jason.  All she needed was an army.

The male souls were obviously shocked when Soul Baby came up to them and started saying "Cookie, cookie cook cook cookie cookie cook."  They looked at me, as if thinking "Is she kidding?"  Then they all shook back, as if someone had hit them in the head, and from what I understand, Soul Baby telepathically spoke to them, and they could understand every word.  They won't tell me what she said, but after that it was clear that Soul Baby was the leader of the tribe.  Soul Baby is able to speak to me from time to time, and she is quite loquacious, but most of the time I can understand what she is saying from the tone of her "Cookie"s.

Anyway, she has made taken many photographs of herself and other photos and sent them to Jason.  The ones she has sent so far are below:

The first picture, which scared Jason somewhat, but didn't really get to him.

And here's a photo taken outside of Jason's door.  This one hit home, and he's starting to fear Soul Baby and her legion of Souldiers.

And Gabe is looking into getting me a few Soul Spys to assist.  All's well now...but when will they strike?