My Worst Nightmare

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This movie was made completely by myself, with the help of my cousin's video camera.   I am jumping on the trampoline, and all of a sudden, I hear gunshot.  [Cue "Walking in the Dark" by Goldfinger]  I jump off the trampoline [using 3 different camera shots] and land on the ground.  The gunshots continue, so I crawl under the trampoline and load my gun.

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And of course I have to put on the shades to look cool. 

I then crawl out and am unable to find the shooter.  More shots come, and I run and roll over my picnic table [I USE 4 SHOTS FOR THIS, AND YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS SCENE BY CLICKING ON THE LINK TO THE LEFT.  DO IT!!! (it's less than a megabyte, in mpg format)] I reach over the table and shoot for times.  The shooter emerges, but I shoot him down.  I take off the hat, sunglasses, and facemask he is wearing, and I am startled to find...THE KILLER LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE ME!  I scream "No, no!"

I wake up on my sofa under a blanket and say "Thank God it was just a dream."  Then I throw off the blanket and am surprised to see I am wearing the same outfit the shooter was wearing.  I scream "Nooo!!" and it fades to black.

Since I made this movie with a regular video camera, the quality is better than 404: Fatal Error, but is worse than Eyeball: Corner Socket.   The editing is flawless, and everything fits very nicely.  Oddly, Friends popped up in this movie as well, because when I wake up on the couch I say " was just a dream" and then you hear the theme to Friends playing in the background.   It was a weird coincidence, but really completes the movie.

This movie might have been something else that the overbearing parents might have singled out.  I have a BB gun in the movie that looks about as much as a handgun as a watergun.  As for any violence, there is no blood, when I am being "shot" I react by moving my shoulders back.  The movie is not meant to be a violent movie (which it is not), it is meant to showcase my talents as a director.  It is an artistic movie, because at the end I find out I was fighting myself the whole time.  And as for being appropriate, my mom has seen it plenty of times, and enjoys it for what it is; the culmination to a lot of hard work.