Old Man Spice

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This was a sweet commercial made by me and John Hilbert about a fictional product called "Old Man Spice."  The motto was "If you're tired of smelling bad when you could smell nice, and you're over 70 try Old Man Spice."  John had excessive trouble getting this line down, and while the commercial is only about 2 minutes, we have more than 5 additional minutes of outtakes.

Old Man Spice.jpg (28660 bytes)

This was written mostly by me, with John adding in some stuff.  This was actually made the day after My Worst Nightmare, and My Worst Nightmare was originally just a chance to get to know the camera for this shoot.   It's got some nice effects, and sound and stuff, and like a real advertisement, it's got a disclaimer at the end.

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If you can't read it, it says:

Available only in states beginning in B, E, J, Q, X, Y or Z.  May cause loss of sight, hearing, taste, smell, or fingernails.  For use only on men between the ages of 108 and 109.  In case studies, 99% of men tested suffered from diarrhea, irritability, fatigue, dry mouth, headache, hair loss, and development of gills.  If you at any time in your life have taken pain relievers, do not use this product.  If a third leg, arm, ear, eye or nostril forms, discontinue use of this product or any other cologne.  If ingested, assure yourself that you have your last will and testament on file.  If a pet or any type of animal is sprayed with this product, check your medical records to be sure that you have had a rabies shot.   While wearing the cologne do not attempt to operate heavy machinery, sleep, drive, eat, drink, or breathe.  If your family members have a tendency of dying before the age of 200, we at Hilbert-Laugel Pharmaceuticals recommend you not use this product.

This starred me, John, and my mom had a small part.   All the shots were done by me or John, except one post-production shot done by AJ.   It's hilariously funny, and we even got Charleston Heston to co-star as a stinky old man wearing an NRA shirt and polishing a gun (big stretch, huh?).

heston.jpg (25517 bytes)

It's pretty cool, because I originally edited this when I only had a 320 X 240 capture card, which meant that when I put it on a video tape, the image was really fuzzy and blurry.  Then I borrowed my aunt & uncle's video camera, and I found the original tape, and they hadn't recorded over it!  So I converted the tape to digital, and edited it in 720 X 480, which is DVD quality resolution.  Plus, I added some new effects, so it's all good.