Eric's Art Gallery

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Well, I want to keep the pictures on the front page fairly fresh, so all the old ones will go here.  All of these are completely original works.


eb.jpg (29571 bytes)

One of the first original pictures on the site.   He's a hot man.


dfe.jpg (36681 bytes)

Basically the same image, but color variation makes it cool.


Mr Punk (Alternate).jpg (101295 bytes)

In case you can't tell, it's Mr. Rogers' head on my body, and I punked him up, hence the name, Mr. Punk.  I made it to put on a card for my girlfriend.  She was nuts for dumping me.


heitismorenokl.jpg (429698 bytes)

This is a poster I made for my Economics class.   I reduced it's size, when it was printed it was 1' x 1.5' (I had to pay Kinkos $20 to print it, then no one liked it.  Damn!) The product was the shirt, and Bill is the model.  That's me in the middle.  If you don't get it, everything but Bill is negatized, plus most of it is negative in a sucky way (Backstreet Boys in top left, Pokemon top center, NSync top right, and Britney Spears bottom center).  So not only is the shirt the only visually positve, it is also, like, good positive.  Get it?  Maybe they just didn't get it.  Oh well.


allgraffiti2.jpg (94958 bytes)

These are actually all logos from shirts I have.   My sister had this really sucky video editing software that came with her Logitech webcam, but one good thing it did was apply different under-textures (in this case, Brick Wall).  Pretty frickin' sweet, eh?  I especially like the Mountain Dew and the Eyeball, although those are actually two shirts I don't wear anymore...ah, memories.


Untislr.jpg (25958 bytes)

Pretty weird, huh?  Weird, yet cool.  I think I was on something when this was took, like radioactive vitamins.


This was the pic on my front page for a while.   Nothing special, just me with the black light on in front of my monitor.  And the edges are blacked-out.


growl.gif (140644 bytes)

The picture that made Bill's dad say "That boy's got too much time on his hands."


DVC00009clrerebettersmallerdrker.jpg (17047 bytes)

Well, this is a picture of my cat.  I fixed up the colors.  Her picture is here because she died.

Here is a cool pic that was on the home page for a long time.  I like it, but I think the orange picture is the, strike that, I KNOW the orange picture is the goofiest.