Original Sketches & Scripts

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Well, I am still trying to work on a new script.  I have some spare time, I just need an idea.  I keep bouncing around general ideas:

1. A guy becomes obsessed with cereal mascots.  He is told by his marketing teacher that all advertising campaigns have some basis in truth, so the guy starts going around and trying to prove that the animals on the cereal boxes really like the cereal (trying to tempt squirrels with Honey Bunches of Oats; going to the zoo and throwing Frosted Flakes to the tigers and throwing Fruit Loops at the toucans; going into an Irish pub with a box of Lucky Charms and saying "Look what I've got!"; seeing if birds really are "Cuckoo for Coca Puffs" and the such.).  In his dreams, there is an advisor telling him that he is close, but he needs to go farther (the advisor is wearing t-shirts with the mascots on them), and toward the end when he is going crazy, he sees the advisor in a crowd, but when he goes up to the advisor, it is someone else, but that person can only speak in the mascot's catch phrases.  He passes out from the catch-phrasing, and wakes up in the cereal aisle of a grocery store.  He thinks it's just been a dream, when he hears "they're grrrrrrrreat!" and a stuffed tiger pounces on him, attacking him.  Fade to black.  Wow.  I didn't think I had the idea complete in my mind, but there it is.  The only problems would be getting into a zoo, getting into a pub...although maybe I could use AJ's basement, but that would mean that the person playing the main character would have to come home with me, since I had planned on being the advisor.  Also, shooting in a grocery store might be a small problem, but I could probably talk them into it.  I would also need to find a stuffed tiger.  This would be a fun project, though.

2....Okay, I guess I can really only remember thinking about the first one.  I met someone else, Frank Wisniewki...I hope that's spelled right...who goes to Bowling Green who might be interested in making a movie.  The thing is, first I want to have a loose script, then I want to have a tight shooting schedule, so I would know what I wanted to shoot and when I wanted to shoot it.  Sounds like fun, right?