404: Fatal Error

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This movie is good, especially since I just re-did some of the scenes.  The plot is, AJ is typing away on his computer when I enter and tell him we need to get to school.  He tells me he needs to finish his paper, and I remind him not to spill pop on the computer.  Then, he spills his pop.  He is then sucked into the computer. (I used the part from the beginning of the Transformers movie when the camera goes through the "O" and it looks sweet.)  I reenter, and AJ eventually convinces me he is in the computer, although I was highly skeptical.  He tells me not to delete him and I asked about Alt-Ctrl-Del ing him.  He says no, but I do it anyway.  He fades away, and I get mad at him for having pop in the room, and crash into the door while trying to leave.  Then is the best part.  It shows the computer screen saying "It is now safe to turn off your computer."  Then it fades to a still shot of AJ's eyes.  Another shot zooms in on his eyes, and then they slowly fade to red, as creepy music plays in the background (Killer Klowns from Outerspace by the Dickies)  The End?

This movie was made with one of those video-conferencing cameras that sits on top of your monitor, so the quality is pretty crappy.  When there is a scene of AJ inside the computer, though, it looks like this


Since the movie window is so small, the quality is somewhat better.  I used Goldwave to make AJ's voice sound robotic when he is inside the computer, and AJ added some sound effects as well.  Overall, the movie is well done, but not that great visually.