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Sketches, like you'd see on SNL, are the contents of this page.  I got a crockload of 'em, but I only put the finished ones on here.  I wrote them originally in a green notebook, and I had specific ideas on what I wanted to look like, so I tried to describe it in detail.  One of my dream jobs would be to be on SNL or to be a writer on SNL, so if you know people, hook me up.

Not included on here is a Reading Rainbow sketch that I improved-up one day in Physics class.  When I do it makes all my friends laugh until their brains go out their noses, but it is a performance piece, and when you just look at the words I'm saying, it's not that funny.  Maybe in the future I'll record my voice saying it and put it on here, but you really have to see it in person, and I don't do it that often to keep it fresh. I am actually kind of sick of it, because people keep asking me to do it.  I don't really get why I don't like it, since I usually love the's weird.   Anyway, these are the sketches I have written down:

1-800-ICA-PERV was the reason I got the notebook.  It is a really funny commercial that I think is SNL-worthy.  I won't say any more, but download it!

Eric's House of Boredom.  What can I say?  It's a commercial...This one is actually pretty lame, and it's only a little funny if you actually know me.  I know me, and even to me it's not that funny.  But if you want to, you can download it.

Kindergarten Crop is pretty funny if you've seen Kindergarten Cop and any of the movies with Jay and Silent Bob. (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, a cameo in Scream 3, or Clerks: The Animated Series, even though they don't cuss) It's a good promo for a fictional movie about Jay and Silent Bob teaching kindergarten.  Woody Allen is mentioned at the end as a tribute the the credits of My Worst Nightmare, which included his name as a tribute to the Mrs. Latessa track by AJ and me.

(This last one I haven't transcribed yet, so wait a little longer)

The Tamrix I'm actually pretty proud of.  If the name didn't give it away, it is a preview for a spoof of The Matrix.  It follows scenes very closely and has some original jokes.  Neo is now called Cheeto, Tank is now called Stank, and Morpheus is now called Cocainius.  Download it, it's pretty frickin' funny.

You can download these either in Microsoft Word 97 (.doc) format or notepad (.txt) format.  Do so from your choices at the left now.