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Well, as of now I only have Hacked.  Transfuture sucked, and I didn't want to work on it anymore, so it is no more.

Hacked is an action script about computer hackers starring me and my good friends.  I am proud of it, but it is not complete yet.  I recently added a couple of scenes, and it's turned into a definitively more action/suspense movie than a Sci-fi thriller.  I'm still not sure exactly how it's going to end at this point, but I definetly have a location and the setup for a climax.  Like I said before, you can only download it in Notepad fomat now, because it takes to long to make if fit Microsoft Word, and if you read it in Notepad fomat, be sure to turn on Word Wrap, or else it is a real pain to scroll.  It also reads a little weird, like saying the scene number or act number twice, but that doesn't affect the actual action of the script.

When the principal called my house, he told me that the parents had complained about there being guns on this site.  I was totally dumbfounded, until I remembered about this script.  As I am thinking back, I don't think I ever have anyone shoot a gun, the only shot that I can think of comes from a screwdriver, but there are people holding guns.  DID SOME OVERBEARING PARENT REALLY THINK THIS WAS ANYWHERE NEAR THE TRUTH? It is out and out a piece of fiction.  A dead man being reincarnated in some sort of computer?  It's a freaking joke.  Did people look at the guy who wrote Saving Private Ryan and think "Wow, he's disturbed, look at all that violence."?  No, since it was about a war, everyone loved it.  What happened to the days when people could write creatively without being judged on their mental stability.  Granted, if the two main characters were still in school, MAYBE the parents would have some standing.  But the characters are in their 20s.  And on top of that, all the characters, even the ones who die, are played by my friends, not some little school enemies.  Maybe the parents should have gotten their freaking facts straight before whining.  I'm legally an adult now, and the truth is that adults like adult movies, and you'd be hard-pressed to find an adult action movie where no one dies.