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Here are some N64 reveiws from A.J.

Blast Corps- This game is.... well......OK.......Yeah.

Foresaken- sorry I hate this game it sucks so bad, the graphics suck so bad I think I'm playing sega or regular nintendo.  If you like it you're a loser.  Waste of money big time!

Goldeneye- This game kicks a trained monkeys buttocks!  I just hope they come out with a sequel to it that is as bloody as Turok 2 and uses the Xpansion pak

(Ok this is where I get lazy and say "screw alphabetical order")

Top Gear Rally- this game rocks! excellent! paint cool cars!

Super mario 64-Good game.  Takes forever, and people who aren't patient and only like rpg's won't like it.

Automobili Lamborghini- Good but not as good as Top Gear.  Buy this game if you like     super-extremely-sensitive-steering and spinning out.

Turok 2:Seeds of Evil- When you buy this game, look out! (notice how I say when) It is very bloody and sweetly grotesque.(you can shoot an explosive arrow into an enemies eyeball and watch and hear his head explode and watch all of his brain matter gletch all over the screen.  Also not for the Rpg traditional whatnots.

This is Grant!  I have hacked onto AJ's page and want to reveal the horrible lies as they really are.  Though some of these games are okay, most just mediocre-  hence Turok 2.

Now for the real RPG fan

Zelda 64

If you are looking for a game to start off on the 64, this is it.  It's awesome graphics and real time play offer a realistic experience like no other.  It feels like you are really in the game, you grow up, and a whole bunch of women hit on you.  Link is the MAN!!!  He has Zelda, Saria, the Zora girl, Fiona, and more!  Though this is not a beginners game, it is a fun and challenging game.

Final Fantasy 3  (A game for SNES)

Though this game is getting older by the minute, it is a great addition to the Final Fantasy series, possibly one of the best!  The story focuses around Terra, a girl who has mysterious power.  With different scenarios to change the game play, it puts a whole new dimension into RPG's.  This is a must have for an RPG freak.  There are so many awesome characters to play.

Chrono Trigger  (Another game for SNES)

Yet another RPG for the freak.  This is an awesome game, one of my favorites.  The characters each take on a life as their own.   Traveling through time is a unique experience, and getting to do things in the past that affect the future is a way awesome idea.  I'll add more to this game later


This is by far the coolest game ever made.   The graphics surpase even the games of now.  The game added a whole new twist onto RPG's and the series.  These included things such as mana and limit breaks.   Plus there is the ever lovable chocobos.  You get a chance to raise blue and green, and black and even the coveted GOLD chocobos.  And the ever lovable Tifa, oh...   The love triangle that is formed through gameplay is exteremely deep, plus the Gold Saucer adds a chance to go on a date.  Then when it comes to the ultimate weapons, well, they seem impossible.  Then the final showdown with the vicious Sephiroth...   Well, it is the ULTIMATE GAME.

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