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These are my personal Transformers characters.  At the present time, I only have one.

clnvw.jpg (29537 bytes)

His working name is Vee Dublyu, and as you can see he is a Volkswagon Van.  I had a transformation strategy in mind when I drew him, but I don't really remember it now.  But he can transform based on this picture.  I drew him more than a year ago on notebook paper, and since we didn't have a scanner back then I had to use my sister's Logitech WebCam, so it started off looking like this:

Picture 1.jpg (54404 bytes)

As you can obviously tell, I had to spend a lot of time fixing it up.   The background I found somewhere else, but I think it works, since the VW Van is a vehicle of the 60's and the background is all psychadelic and whatnot.  I started writing a script (called "Transfuture") about how his spark came from the fused sparks of Cyclonus and Ironhide.  Instead of Ironhide dying in the movie, Blaster found Ironhide's spark barely alive in the crashed Autobot shuttle after Ultra Magnus and the others left [Blaster was never on the shuttle, I'm sure you noticed], and managed to save the spark, and then he buried it to protect it from the attacking Decepticons.   Then he was attacked by a sweep and lost his short term memory, so Ironhide's spark was drastically overcharged and forgotten about.  Then, in a battle years later in 2010, Cyclonous crashed and found Ironhide's spark, but as he had it in his cockpit he was shot and the two sparks fused as he was going down.  The hybrid-spark ejected at the last minute and fell into a Volkswagon Van.  However, the spark was in constant turmoil over whether it was an Autobot or a Decepticon (think of the Stunticons: there were Decepticon cars).  His insignia looked like this:

With the red removed, you can see the Decepticon insignia:

And with the purple removed you can see the Autobot insignia:

I incorporated a lot of stuff from the movie in the script, although it's pretty short since I got bored with it.  Plus, I am pretty sure that I read something somewhere that disproved the possibility of the setup happening.  I am 100% that, even though in one scene you see Blaster run aboard the shuttle, Blaster is never on the either shuttle the others leave on.  As well, you never see Perceptor board, then he is on in one scene and he is on Junkion, but he isn't with the others inside Unicron. (I think he might have been in the Junkion spaceship actually, but I'm not sure) At any rate, you can't download the script, because I gave up on it.  I didn't want to spend the time double-checking my character references and stuff like that, to be anyone who actually cares.