My Transformers

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I have a modest collection of G1 Transformers.  Very modest.   I have Soundwave, the coolest Decepticon ever.  He is in pretty good condition, and has both guns, although the one that is supposed to shoot his missiles (he has 4) doesn't work very well.  He does have his battery/belt clip, though.  I bought him used in early 2000.

SWRobot.jpg (30094 bytes)

Here he is in robot mode...

SWBoombox.JPG (87887 bytes)

and here he is in boombox mode.

Buzzsaw came along with him.  Buzzsaw is in pretty good condition as well, although a part of his sticker has come off.  He didn't come with any weapons, and they are expensive to buy separate.

Bsbird.jpg (15630 bytes)

Here he is in robot mode...

Bstape.jpg (95955 bytes)

and here he is in tape mode.

I also purchased an Optimus Prime, but when he arrived I discovered his legs were no longer connected.  I tried to fix him with superglue, but I was unsuccessful.  But I only paid $10, and it came with his trailer.  I would purchase his hands, but a single hand would cost more than what I paid for his body.   So now, I use the upper half of him as a necklace.

Opload.jpg (26557 bytes)

Here he is with his trailer and dismembered legs...

Opchain.jpg (30633 bytes)

and here he is being used as a necklace.  Sweet, huh?

Oh yeah, this isn't a new Transformer I got, it's one I got when I was 11 or so in my stocking, and I thought I lost it, then I found it.  It's a G2 Cliffjumper, so the street value is approximately zero dollars.

Here he is in automobile mode...well, obviously.

And here he is in robot mode.  Wave back, you swine, he's waving at you!  That's better.


*All of these pictures are original, so if you see anyone using them in auctions, they stole them from me.