Has a teacher ever really pissed you off?  Well here's your chance to get back at them.  Submit your name, your teacher's name, what subject the teacher teaches, and, if you want to, what makes them so bad.  Email it to me by clicking on the link on my front page (click the UP button from here).  I will read any email you send me, but so far I haven't got any concerning bad teachers.  So get to it.


1)Mrs. Mader-Social Studies-Eric Laugel, AJ Rickert-Epstein, Brian Haas

2)Mr. Pelfrey-Social Studies-Eric Laugel

3)Mrs. Tome-Social Studies-Anonymous

4)Mr. Lykins-Geometry-Anonymous

5)Mrs. Cottingim-1st Grade-Anonymous

6)Ms. Moeller- Study Hall- ERIC LAUGEL AND BRIAN HAAS

7) EVERY SUBSTITUTE TEACHER FOR MR. CONWAY- Eric Laugel & the rest of his 9th grade History class (Why did we have to watch those stupid movies????)

8)Mrs. Ayers-Honors Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry-Janet Laugel-She is the biggest BITCH in all of the Lakota School District.  We all want to vandalize her car on the last day of our senior year. (Note from Eric: She already graduated, and they didn't do anything)

9)Ms. Rhein-Honors Algebra II-Anonymous

10) Mrs. Latessa - History/Study Hall - Everyone who has ever met her, even Amy Inkrot and Tara Swift - This teacher is such a bitch.  We all hate her, and she admits she is the devil. After the 2nd to last day of school, Amy Inkrot admitted to me and Jordan Kofron that she hated Latessa, and that she "wouldn't miss her." (AMY, I'LL NEVER TAKE THIS OFF!)




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