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I'm such a lame-o.  I was on Prom Court.  That's me on the far right. cough..GEEK..cough, cough.  It wasn't my best hour.  Or a good hour.  I wasn't even up there for an hour...I guess it wasn't my best 7 minutes or so.

My Name Is

Eric Laugel


Now that that is out in the open, let me tell you a little bit about  myself.

I haven't updated in a long time.  It turned out that Yahoo!, the bastard that it is, decided to stop letting the free members use FTP to upload files, without telling me.  Just like they stopped letting free email members use external sources to check their email.  So that's why I'm somewhere else (at the time of writing this, I'm not sure which place it will be.  I've checked Tripod and Angelfire, and a lot of other spots.)  In any case, I recommend just typing in http:\\  It's easier to remember...on second thought, let me check and see if I can change that thing.  This might take a while, but it's not like you'll notice, since I'll just leave some dots and you'll just glance over them...yes, okay, the above address will always work.

I like MP3's and other stuff.  Like that.  I like sleeping and eating.  I could live on McRibs.  I have a very old, very slow CD Burner.  I slowly burn CDs.  It's a good, slow thing.

Wow, all these people have been writing me saying that they saw the website!  And all of them have been good, not like that guy who called me stupid for the now-gone Bin Laden Bummed page.  Thanks to Amelia, Dot, and Tanya.

You will find that I am currently playing landlord to an individual who calls himself A.J.  At first I found his ramblings to be quite obnoxious, but I guess I kind of got used to having the little hitchhiker there.  He will probably not be hanging around, since we increasingly have difficulty finding time to hang out.  But while he's still here, enjoy the ride.

Well, I'm introducing a new section, Soul Legacy, which is based on real events, and this might eventually bump off Trouble Among the Co-Workers.  But don't fret...many of the faces of the souls may look familiar if you followed Trouble Among the Co-Workers.  I also got rid of Sweet Cars, because the pictures were really old, and a lot of people were legitimately looking for sweet cars and got to the page and were disgusted by my pictures of Volkswagon Vans.  I also recently got Photoshop 7.0, and I have a lot of pictures I made, but I want to space them out between updates, so watch this page for updated pictures.

Also you will soon find an odd individual named Grant on this website.  Actually, you'll only find him in Trouble Amongst the Co-Workers, and he somehow snuck into AJ's N64 Reviews.  He was mentioned on the band page, which is now gone, and for more than a year he had his own page, but it was incomplete and nobody visited it, so it went away too.  I get the sinking feeling Grant has already moved out, because I never see him anymore.  He locked his door, and I think he left through the window.

I started working at BG24, the live news broadcast on campus.  I run teleprompter on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on Fridays I do computer graphics.  It's pretty fun.  Training consisted of coming in for an hour, and that hour covered camera, teleprompter, switcher, audio, the whole deal.  I also started training at WBGU, the PBS affiliate, but they are making me train SO damn much.  For camera training (which was my second or third choice), I have to train for ten 2 hour sessions, 5 of them from 9:30 to 11:30 at night, and 5 from 7:00 to 9:00 in the damn morning!  I also am training on video editing (which was my first choice), and I have to go to two 2.5 hour meetings for that, and they're between 1:30 and 4:00 PM on Saturdays, so they're pretty managable.

I'd like to thank my buddy Brian Haas (many of you out there know him as the notorious Brain Haaf) for giving me Microsoft Frontpage 98. (I only had to beg him for a month or so)  His do you say?  Ah yes, hasn't been updated in 3 years.  I don't think it every will be, but, oh well.  And actually, I got Microsoft Frontpage 2000 now, so I don't use 98 anymore.  You are obsolete Brian.


(If you're using the Opera Browser [which I did for a short time], you can't see the email link above.  It's mine, and it's