Grant's Stats

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Grant's Stats

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Name: Grant S. Ulysses

Hair Color: Tye Dye

Likes: RPGs, balsa wood! And did I mention...RPG's?  Oh, and don't forget RPG's.  Oh, and one last thing....RPG's.  And he takes a fancy to volleyball, and some game called Everquest, and he is addicted to chips and salsa.   Denise Richards, Rebecca Romaijn Stamos.  Hot girls in general.  The part from scary movie where the guy says touch it.  Cruising around in his stick shift.   He also seems to like twinkies.....

Dislikes: A.J., Turok 2, bean picking, trying to catch up to AJ's car, Eric when he's a pain in the ass.

Quote of the week:  "You're not naming my car Jergens.   Yeah,I get it, the alligator thing, but you're still not naming it Jergens."