Well, this is pretty much a collection of personal opinions about the crap that the country's going through with the Terrorism and shit like that.  The opinions expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the site operator, Eric Laugel, except where specifically noted.

Well, I'm gonna talk some more.  We're bombing them now, so I guess the whole world just pretty much accepted that it WAS Afghanistan that did the WTC thing.  But what really surprises me is how little I, and it seems like the people around me as well, how little WE care about our bombing Afghanistan.  Part of this is obviously due the fact that I, at least, was really maxed out by the sickening over-coverage of the WTC attack.  I don't mind the memorial concerts or anything.   In fact, I think they're great for all the people that lost family members.   What really riled me was the fact that for more than 2 weeks after the incident, the only channel you could find anything other than around-the-clock coverage of people walking through dust was Comedy Central.  I've got nothing against Comedy Central, it's one of my favorite stations, but it just...I don't know, I was irrationally pissed off at the fact that they would keep showing these pictures that did NO good to anyone who saw them.  They made people sad, they caused the anger against the Muslims.   These news networks and the other networks who repeatedly showed these pictures are almost single-handedly responsible for all the attacks against the Muslim religion.

And after a while, I just stopped listening, and eventually stopped caring.  Don't get me wrong, my heart goes out to every brave life lost, and to all the unwitting victims on the planes or in the buildings, but the television made me stop caring.  I'm like "Bomb them, whatever."  It does seem like something that people just don't care that much about anymore.  It was like, everyone got excited for this big movie coming out, but then the networks starting running previews at every commercial break, and when the movie came out, it was long and not that great.   So all the initial commotion just died down, and the movie wasn't discussed anymore.

Then again, maybe I'm the only one who feels this way.   Maybe the entire nation is just covering up, showing that "We can continue life after the horrible event" while secretly they are incredibly depressed.  I don't know, it's hard to say: I can't tell if they are just...sort of in denial to try and live their lives, or what...I guess I can't really express it any better than I have, I'm just really confused and really unsure of myself.

oh baby

god, i don't know what to say. everytime i see the video, i shake my head, and feel like someone has thrown something on top of me. it seems like some
high budget movie, big special effects scene. and thousands of people died. i don't know why, in ohio, i feel so strange, but i do. i stared at the TV like
a zombie, then i was on the phone with a friend who cared, and then i cut her off with "i need to take a nap" and went to bed at 7:00. I woke up crying,
took a shower crying, and barely pulled myself together enough to go to school. and the strange thing is, the US can not POSSIBLY respond with peace. i don't know how to say this to the kids, who say Bush is stupid because he said we must retaliate, but we MUST. the kids don't understand that just because we disagree with violence doesn't mean that they are going to stop. if we DON'T retaliate, that means that terrorists can do whatever they want, and all we'll do to stop them is say "hey, don't do that." i don't know what to do with CISV and especially those kids, whom we've drilled in peace values and everything, almost as if we were preparing for something like this, and now i feel unprepared with no resources, because all of a sudden i know that peace is not the option. and i don't know what to do. Oh god. my mind races every moment. now i can understand how my grandparents feel reading about WW2 in a textbook. It will be so surreal seeing my grandchildren reading about this in a textbook. just one color picture and a paragraph or two. the deaths will be just numbers, like they so often are anyway. when hundreds of thousands of people die, you can't put all their pictures in a magazine, and say, wow, they were a human being, they just hold a spot among other inhuman digits. 1,000. do you feel anything? 100,000? i feel nothing but hey, theres more zeros. god dammit. i'm still sad, but now i just feel frustrated. something tells me that our draft might be reinstalled. and strangely enough, i don't think CISV would make me flee the country. when Bush and others said "freedom was attacked" it WAS. and i heard someone say, "i don't want to change my way of life, by increasing security and restricting freedom, i want to change THEIR life, by hunting them down in whatever dark corner they are hiding." I think thats right. Maybe its not CISV, but its what this country was created for. Ahhhhhhhhh. i have the worst headache. i'm actually not as bad as i sound :), but this is how i feel. i lost my train of thought, i watched some more tv.

-Bill Heidrich


Well, as for me, I can't deny that we have to do something as a nation, but that's about all I can say on that matter.  I hear people saying "Bomb Afghanistan and all those laughing children."  And all I can think is "Who's the real monster?"  These children were..well, brainwashed isn't exactly the right word, but the children were brought up hating America, just as we were brought up to dislike Sadam Hussein.  And as for bombing Afghanistan, I just pray that Bush has enough sense to wait until he finds out the leader of Afghanistan helped finance or abetted Osama Bin Laden before he bombs or sends in troops.  I heard one person say "I would go in Sherman style, burning down buildings and crops, killing pets and kids."  I was appalled.  I just didn't think anyone was so...unhumanly cruel.  The people in villages, for a large part I'm sure, had nothing to do with this.  Doing what he called for would be like another nation's army coming over and killing all of us for having George W. Bush as a president, even though the majority of the population voted for Gore.  It's taking out agression at a group of terrorists on a whole nation that doesn't necessarily support them.  Of course, the guy who said this was the same guy who said that if he was on one of the airplanes that crashed, he would beat up all the terrorists on the plane.  It's ignorant people like this, who don't understand the power shock has on a person, who will make this situation even worse than it already is.

And this situation is one of the times I wish I didn't have such an overactive mind, because I can think of all different possibilities as to who did this.   It could have easily been anyone who held a grudge against the U.S., because they would know that we would quickly put the blame on Osama Bin Laden.  A more radical view: it could have been a group of Afghanistan-hating anarchists living in America who saw a chance to further two of their causes in one act.  Or, and this one is really radical, the U.S. government might have seen Osama Bin Laden as a threat, capable of doing something like this, and arranged the death of a group of people instead of giving Bin Laden the chance to wipe out the whole population with a bombing.  And the fact that Bin Laden said that the World Trade Center was the one place he would most likely strike makes it seem all the less likely that it would be someone else striking and blaming it on him.

Anyway, I know one thing: I don't want to go to war with Afghanistan.  I do know, though, that WE, as a nation, probably will, and we have to, or else people will just walk all over us.  I just feel that it would be best to wait until we have better proof of who initiated these horrible acts.  We don't want to start World War III over blaming an innocent nation, because then, in retrospect, we would be perceived as the monsters.

-Eric Laugel