A.J.'s Stats

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A.J.'s Stats

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Name: A.J. Flickert-Hepstein

Hair Color: Brown.  Well, sort of brownish-purplish-greenish...you know what I mean.

Likes: His shotgun, John Woo, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Dennis Leary songs, as well as action movies, making movies, driving slow (yeah...right), Sour Patch kids and similar products, Arcade racing games, Playstation 2, Seinfeld, Frasier, and abusing the so-called "GRANT".

Dislikes: Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Lykins (Who is a gay fatty McGee, may I add...), Mrs. Bitchtessa, Ms. Rhein, and others like her, as well as her followers, speed limits.

Quote of the week:  "College is better.  Man, I got 14 hours of sleep last night.  Actually I do every night.  I don't know if I'll get back together with Nusha (name changed to protect innocent)..Ok, I'm back together with her."